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junang Precision Equipment
Reliable precision equipment
Years of professional technology and experience

Years of professional technology and experience, experienced optical design solutions and experience.

Quality assurance

From research and development, procurement, assembly, packaging, we have strict quality control at every stage.

professional quality

We use reliable components to ensure reliable quality after long-term use.

Intimate after sale

The machine tool has a complete quality record, including specifications for various parts and components, to ensure after-sales service.

Precision equipment display
Precision equipment show
The film drawing mechanism comprises a working platform and a sliding device, the sliding device is provided with a carving knife, the sliding device is a four-axis linkage structure, and the four-axis linkage structure comprises an X-axis moving component, a Y-axis moving component, a Z-axis moving component and an angle The steering assembly, the bottom of the knives is an angled half knives, the blade of the half knives is downward, and three......
The teaching program compiles the machining program from the film drawing, and the grinding wheel can simulate the shape change point on the drawing and record the action to program. Do not complicated calculations, do not program NC language. The angle function can be processed with only 8 kinds of tapers using the X-axis handwheel. It is easy to machine the taper when teaching at any 2 points on the original drawing without the... Optical curve projection grinder...
Industry solutions
Years of professional technology and experience
  • Precision mold industry

    Precision mold industry

    Optical is widely used in precision mold manufacturing. The processed parts can obtain high-precision flatness and surface roughness. The diameter of the rotating parts can be large, and the maximum processing can be Ø200mm.
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  • Auto parts industry

    Auto parts industry

    In the demanding automotive parts industry, the standard machine tool for optical curve grinding machines is equipped with high-speed grinding wheel lifting and driving machinery to cope with high precision and high surface roughness.
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  • Tool industry

    Tool industry

    Provide a variety of processing methods, a variety of fixtures, a variety of functions, set curve, round, measurement in one, a multi-purpose machine, easy to use.

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  • junang equipment
    Plant equipment display
    Years of optical design and experience
    Junang Precision Equipment
    Junang Precision Equipment

    Years of professional technology and experience, many years of optical design solutions and experience, the industry's elite, we joined together and achieved Dongguan Junan Precision Equipment Co., Ltd.
    The company is a domestic professional R & D and production of optical projection curve grinder, film times machine and other precision equipment manufacturers, continuous innovation...

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