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.Introduction to optical curve grinding

From:Internet Posted:2021-07-06

The optical curve grinder combines grinding and inspection to monitor the grinding process online. This series of grinding machines successfully integrates the current computer software development technology into the machine tool operating system. It can be compatible with the CAD/CAM software commonly used in the current production, and directly convert the contour drawing of the part shape into a numerical control program or through the teaching mode.
Due to the multi-axis linkage, it can be used to grind the profile formed by the unidirectional translation or rotation of the plane curve (folding) line, such as complex shapes, tools, dies, punches, forming tools (rollers), cams with complex shapes. , precision molds and other parts. Widely used in precision machinery manufacturing, precision stamping dies, aerospace manufacturing, fixtures and other industries, can also be used as a projection measuring instrument to measure a variety of samples, tools, toothed parts and so on.
The CNC optical curve grinder is composed of a precision projection measuring instrument, a multi-degree-of-freedom grinding head and a table. It is suitable for processing various kinds of sophisticated molds, samples, forming tools and rollers that have been heat-hardened.
CNC optical curve grinding machine structure features:
1. Both the workbench carriage and the slide carriage adopt the linear rolling guide pair and are driven by the ball screw.
2. The reciprocating skateboard adopts the double v-shaped steel needle roller guide pair and is driven by the adjustable eccentric link mechanism. The reciprocating smoothness, the commutation without impact, the reversing end point, and the positioning accuracy are high.
3. The AC variable frequency speed control system is used to control the grinding wheel speed and the reciprocating speed of the skateboard to achieve stepless speed regulation. The wheel frame and the carriage form multiple degrees of freedom and can be machined in all directions.
CNC optical curve grinding machine CNC system:
The numerical control optical curve grinder has a six-axis computer control system, which controls the table carriage and the slide plate respectively. The resolution is 0.0001MM, which can be used for two-axis continuous track grinding. In addition to the computer automatic control movement, it has manual control function. Provides the operator with a choice of multiple processing methods.
Control optical curve grinding machine for a multi-purpose machine:
This machine is equipped with a variety of fixture accessories, with a variety of functions, set curve, round, measurement in one, a multi-purpose machine, easy to use.
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