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.How the grinding machine works

From:Internet Posted:2021-07-06

First, the main movement of the machine: the grinding wheel is directly driven to rotate by the same motor installed in the grinding head housing, which is the main movement of the surface grinder.
The grinding head spindle can be moved transversely along the horizontal rail of the sliding plate, and the sliding plate can also be vertically moved along the guide rail of the column to adjust the vertical position of the grinding head and complete the vertical feeding motion. Electromagnetic chucks are usually installed on the workbench of the surface grinder for loading the parts with ferromagnetism, or the electromagnetic chucks can be removed, and other fixtures can be replaced or the workpieces to be processed can be directly loaded on the workbench.
Second, the feed movement
Longitudinal feed motion: A linear reciprocating motion of the table along the longitudinal guide rails of the bed.
Lateral feed motion: The horizontal intermittent feed of the grinding head along the horizontal rail of the table is performed at the end of the reciprocating stroke of the table.
Third, the vertical feed movement: the grinding head slide moves along the vertical guide rail of the machine column, used to adjust the height position of the grinding head, and control the grinding depth feed.
In addition to the rotary motion of the spindle, all other movements of the machine tool are realized by the hydraulic drive system, and can also be performed manually.
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